Eat Like an Elite!

What do professional runners in the United States, national-team rowers in Austria, world-class swimmers in Argentina, and champion triathletes in South Africa have in common?

Their diet.

It’s true. Elite endurance athletes in every sport and in all parts of the planet eat the same way. Underneath superficial differences in their specific food choices, the world’s fittest people share a common set of eating habits that constitute what I call the Endurance Diet. Unlike familiar weight-loss and general-health diets, most of which were invented by a single person or group of people, the Endurance Diet evolved over many generations inside the crucible of international competition. Through this process, eating habits that impeded performance were gradually weeded out and only those that best supported it survived.

Yet, although the Endurance Diet is the product of real-world trial and error, not science, the best and latest science demonstrates that its five habits really do maximize the benefits of cardiovascular exercise. A good cardio training program reduces body fat levels, strengthens the heart, improves circulation, increases the body’s ability to absorb and adapt to stress, improves metabolic efficiency, sharpens the nervous system, and boosts fatigue-resistance in the muscles. These and other physiological adaptations to cardio exercise constitute endurance fitness, or the specific type of fitness that elite endurance athletes need to win big races. Studies show that the habits of the Endurance Diet enable athletes to get more endurance fitness out of the same training and also to train more effectively.

Endurance fitness is important not only to elite endurance athletes seeking to win international competitions but also to everyone else who engages in cardio exercise. Endurance fitness is the key to losing weight, improving health, looking better, living longer, functioning and feeling better in everyday life, and achieving any kind of athletic goal, whether it’s finishing a half marathon or qualifying for the Ironman World Championship. And the Endurance Diet is the key to maximizing endurance fitness, not just for elite athletes but for everyday athletes and exercisers like us as well.

The only problem is that, although nearly all elite endurance athletes follow the Endurance Diet, very few others do—yet. The purpose of this book is to correct this problem. Whatever form or forms of cardio exercise you may do, and whatever your goal may be, the Endurance Diet will give you better results and a better chance of achieving your goals than any other way of eating. To become as t as you can be, all you have to do is eat like the world’s fittest people. And it’s easier than you might think…

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