As an endurance coach, nutritionist, and author, I am passionate about helping athletes achieve their goals.  Whether your goal is to finish a half marathon or qualify for Kona, I can help and get you where you want to go.  From online plans to individual coaching, I’ve got an option for every need and for all budgets.

Online Training Plans

$19.95-$84.95 per plan
  • Most affordable Matt Fitzgerald coaching option
  • Huge selection of plans for runners and triathletes
  • Available on TrainingPeaks platform
  • Also available on Final Surge platform

Individual Coaching

$400/month for runners, $500/month for triathletes
  • Fully individualized workouts prescribed personally by Matt Fitzgerald
  • Weekly training reviews and consultations with Matt
  • Free Final Surge athlete account


Sports Nutritionist Matt Fitzgerald has spent nearly twenty years studying the diets of top professional endurance athletes, who are among the fittest and healthiest people in the world. As a result, he has identified five core habits—most of which are contrary to what popular diets advise—that are essential to maximizing workout benefits. The Endurance Diet shares key strategies for optimal health and performance: eat everything, eat quality, eat carbohydrates, eat enough, and eat individually. Whether you want to lose weight, win a race, or look a little more like an elite athlete, this plan is for you.  Click here to read more and purchase.