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Here are some of the latest:

“Better Together”
Click here to read my article written for Runner’s World UK magazine, March 2016.

“How Resilience Beats Talent”
Click here to read my article written for LAVA magazine.

“Team Shenanigans” podcast Interview on 80/20 Running

“Step into the Jungle” podcast interview on “How to Think Like a Champion”

Athlete on Fire Interview

Food Sommelier Interview (Episode 11)

2015 GoldLab Symposium Presentation



Also enjoy this sampling of Matt Fitzgerald’s journalism:

How Old Is Haile Gebrselassie? (, July 2011)
What Ever Happened to Daniel Komen? (Competitor, March 2011)
But Is It Faster? (, September 2010)
You Are a Quitter (Inside Triathlon, July/August 2010)
The Lactic Acid Myths (Triathlete, February 2009)
Train Your Brain (Runner’s World, March 2007)

80/20 Triathlon80/20 Triathlon
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