Matt Fitzgerald’s Custom Training Plans for Runners and Triathletes

How would you like to be coached by one of the world’s most respected endurance sports authorities? Now you can! Whether you’re a new runner training for your first marathon or an experienced triathlete aiming to qualify for Kona, Matt Fitzgerald will design a customized training plan to fit your exact needs.


Here’s how the service works:


Step 1 – Contact Matt using this form. Put “Custom training Plan Request” in the subject line. In the Comments/Questions field, be sure to let him know whether you are a runner or a triathlete.

Step 2 – Matt will email you a questionnaire to fill out. When you’ve completed it, you will email it back to Matt and submit your payment through PayPal. The cost of custom training plans from Matt Fitzgerald is $15/week for runners and $20/week for triathletes. Full payment is required when the plan is delivered regardless of its length.

Step 3 – Matt will analyze the information provided and email you with follow-up questions if necessary. Then he will create a draft of your training plan.

Step 4 – You will have an opportunity to look over the draft plan and offer feedback. Matt will adjust the plan as necessary and then send you the final plan.


Step 5 – You will have unlimited email access to Matt throughout the process of executing your custom training plan. Feel free to ask questions that arise or request adjustments to your schedule in the event of injury, etc.

Click here to contact me about a Custom Training Plan.